Friday, November 17, 2017

Week of November 17

November 17, 2017
The highlight of this week was the AMC 8 contest on Tuesday. All of the students in my math classes participated. We spent Monday looking at sample problems and talking about test taking strategies, especially that the goal is to get as many correct as possible in a short time frame and NOT to do every problem correctly and in order. We also talked about identifying which problems might be solvable, but would require such a large investment of time as to not actually be worth completing.

Sam’s 4-6th Math Class

In addition to the AMC contest and the usual work in Singapore math we also started to look at some basic problems in combinatorics, including a lengthy discussion about strategies to stay organized while counting and enumerating possibilities. Specifically, the students worked on these two problems:
  • You have 3 pairs of jeans (we called them X,Y and Z), 7 T-shirts, (called one, two, three, four and five) and 5 pairs of socks (A, B, C, D, and E). Make a list of all of the possible outfits you can wear.
  • What are all the possible outcomes when three normal six-sided dice are rolled, and how likely are each of the possible sums of the three dice.
Algebra and Pre-Algebra

All of the students in these classes are working on finishing up the chapters we’ve been working on with a goal of being done by Thanksgiving break. Some of the students got to the assessments on Thursday or Friday but most will be studying this weekend and working on the assessment on Monday and Tuesday.

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