Friday, November 17, 2017

Week of November 10

November 10, 2017

Sam’s 4-6th Math Class

On Wednesday we began a new recurring exercise--the timed quiz. This first timed quiz was 3 minutes to complete 60 single-digit multiplication problems. We were practicing quick factual recall; everyone in the class can do these problems, speed, dealing with anxiety and the educational concept of automaticity, were the focus of the discussion post-quiz. On Thursday and Friday the class worked on their Singapore assignments while meeting with Wendy’s class,
Algebra and Pre-Algebra

Because of the aforementioned short week and absences (mine and the students) the pre-algebra group didn’t meet with me this week. They should all be continuing work independently in chapter 3 of the text. The Beginning Algebra group did have a lesson on Wednesday going over the concept of slope--using the “staircase” analogy and as a ratio. The Completing Algebra group also met formally on Wednesday to begin our discussion of exponents and exponential functions, though so far we are only looking at the properties of exponents and vocabulary.

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