Friday, September 15, 2017

Week of 9/11 - 9/15

Sam's 4-6 Math Group:

This week the class was led by guest teachers on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, Mary Perrin assisted the students in creating a tessellating tile from which the students are making a larger art piece. On Tuesday, Josh got the class started on their Singapore books, though a few students were still finishing assessments this week. On Wednesday, one small group of students had a lesson about using estimation to help with multiplication and division problems when decimals are involved, while the other kids had time to work. On Thursday, we reversed that, except instead of a lesson I met individually with each of the kids who had not had the lesson on Wednesday. Friday the class had time to finish up the tessellations and Singapore assignments, and then got to play math games if they finished.

Working on tessellating art.

Some of the finished Tessellated Art with the original cardboard tile.

7/8 Math:

After being at Tiller's International on Monday and Tuesday, the 7/8s fully split into their small groups for lessons on Wednesday and Thursday. 
The pre-algebra group is still getting used to working in the textbook and some of the introductory ideas and notation used; mostly we are working in chapter 1 in the text. 
The group just starting Algebra this year has been doing an enrichment about algorithms and exercises using the Algebra Tiles to solve single variable equations. They decided they needed negative versions of the blocks and we figured out that we could put black stripes on the side of a block to make it a "negative". They then derived the idea that a black block and a regular block of the same shape eliminated each other. Essentially, they were able to derive the inverse property of addition from working with the blocks. 
The other students have been learning or reviewing linear inequalities in one dimension with absolute value, and at the end of the week linear inequalities in two-variables.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

Hello Parents, Students, and Friends, 

Welcome back from the summer. For those of you who have followed this blog in past years, you may have noticed a title change. My role at Summers Knoll continues to evolve; this year I will be primarily focusing on teaching math. I will also be working with Rachel in the 7/8 homeroom. This blog will solely report on the activities of my math classes.

Week 1: 

Sam's 4-6th Math Group

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday our math group met with Wendy's group as we did some sorting out (some students are working on an assessment) and getting reacquainted. We began instruction with a number guessing game and then talked about factors and divisibility rules, using factor trees.

On Thursday we split off from Wendy's group and spent the time getting familiar with our space (upstairs) and some of the tools we will be using this year (rulers and protractors) and then began an investigation of tessellations and tilings that will lead to an art project that should be finished next week.

Oliver, Mark and Manon work to figure out which shapes can gaplessly tile the plane.

7/8 Math

The 7/8s are working on a couple of different things depending on what they were working on last year. The pre-algebra group is working with the order of operations, exponents and variables. The group starting algebra this year is doing an investigation of algorithms with the algebra tiles. The students who were well into, or done with, algebra had some time to get reacquainted and find their place in the textbooks and are now working on reviewing or learning about absolute value equations and inequalities in one variable.

Miel and Niko work through and algorithm with the Algebra Tiles.