Saturday, June 3, 2017

2017 Spring Trip Up North


With an on-time departure of approximately 7:55 AM this morning, Sam's class is off for our adventures Up North!

Mostly, Shan will be driving. I'll be available by email, text and phone. 

Next scheduled stop: The Mystery Spot

Getting introduced to the wonders of the Mystery Spot

Sophie is floating in midair?

What does 'level' mean anyway?

We concluded our day with a boat tour of the Soo Locks, dinner at the fine Pennies diner, and a round of putt putt in Sault Ste. Marie. (Apparently, the more tired I get the fewer photos I take, Shan took many of this part of the trip, I'll link to them once I've got them.)


After a rainy morning our day on Mackinac Island is looking a bit clearer. 

At the public boat dock on Liberty Mackinac Island

We're stopped for lunch midway through our carriage tour after looking at the butterfly house. 

Next stop Arch Rock and then on to Fort Mackinaw:

We returned to the mainland after completing our adventures on Mackinac Island and now, after an hour at the pool, we're getting ready for bed.

Notice the boxes of fudge


We had gorgeous weather all day as we made a loop through the Upper Peninsula.
The kids got to touch Lake Superior and skip rocks at Whitefish Point, before visiting the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. 

Whitefish Point

Our next stop was lunch in Paradise, a few kids even had a cheeseburger, but the star of the meal was the authentic pasties. We stopped at the upper and lower Falls in Tahquamenon, and then proceeded to Oswald's Bear Sanctuary. 

The Upper Falls at Tahquamenon

The Lower Falls

Baby bears are exceptionally cute.

We returned to Mackinac for dinner and are now taking a short rest before heading out for stargazing at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. Stargazing was a big hit with the kids (once the clouds of Mayflies went to bed). We were able to see the four Galilean moons of Jupiter and, had a great view of the half moon of in the telescope Ore brought. It was pretty cold so we didn't stay out too long, but interest level was high so Ore suggested planning a night of stargazing closer to home. 


We've now said our goodbyes to Mackinaw and are headed to Petoskey to look for the eponymous stones on the beach before making out way back down state. Rock hunting in Petoskey was a bit hit, everyone found at least one Petoskey stone. There were also some other interesting finds. 

Is that a Petoskey Stone?

Locals told us that in season this beach is so picked over it's very difficult to find anything. Good thing we were there before the crowds.

After lunch in Grayling at the Bear's Den Pizzeria (the owner made a point of introducing himself and saying how well behaved the kids were) we cruised back home.