Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 18 -- Move Up Day, Science Cars

Sam's Homeroom:

We used our limited class homeroom time this to look back at and go further with previous projects. Most students revisited their first semester reflection documents and worked on finishing and editing their Constellation Myths. 
On Thursday, we had move up day. The fifth graders, along with visitors from Spencer and Chris' classes talked about warm ups, checkout and the general feel of our classroom. In the afternoon we got together with the rest for the 4s and 5s to make posters about real vs. fake internet news sources.
There was no checkout this week because of the limited amount of homeroom time.

Reed and Juliana working on peer reviews of a short story.

Mixed group of 4s and 5s working on a poster about Internet sources.

Sam's Math Group:

Thursday was move up day, so the 4s and 5s got to have math together. We had a game day. On Friday we took a further look at the area and perimeter of composite shapes made from rectangles and triangles.

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