Friday, January 13, 2017

Week 17 -- Happy New Year and Welcome Back


We began the new year with a "How Was Your Break?" interview warm up to get the classroom conversation going and revisit some of the interviewing and note-taking skills we worked on in the fall.

Mark and Folu decided to work together on a note-taking
 and summarizing activity from Scholastic News.

We've been especially focused on getting into the Place Out of Time simulation. On Monday and Tuesday we spent a good part of homeroom time with Jason's class doing introductory activities for the simulation. This led up to the first major assignment: preliminary research to identify three different people that they would be interested in further researching and then portraying for the next three months. (The organizers of the simulation make the final choice of characters to be used in the simulation.)  Making these choices has a big impact on what the students get out of the experience. To that end, if you have some time this weekend, talk to your child about who they've been researching. You'll be hearing a lot more about one of those people. 

Science this week has the students designing simple cars (made from K'nex). The kids get really into trying out different designs and made some really good drawings of their plans.
Folu's first attempt at a K'nex car.

Lilith and Will work on designs for their car.

Working on the first build.

Sam's Math Group

This week in math we looked to get back into the flow of the Singapore books. Most of the class is working on a unit about area of triangles, so we spent Tuesday and Thursday learning how to identify different kinds of triangles based on the lengths of the sides and measures of the angles. We also looked at composite shapes and talked about how to calculate the area as a piecemeal -- e.g. a rectangle with a triangle cut out of the middle.

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