Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Updates: Week 14 and 15

Week 14

Sam's Homeroom --
Our time this week was split primarily between rehearsals for the school play; researching and organizing the information for the biome card games for science, and planning the stories for the constellation myths, including making a "story mountain" for the plot and writing physical character descriptions of the protagonist and antagonist.

Sam's Math Group
This week we continued our study of arithmetic with fractions, moving on to multiplication with mixed numbers. We especially focused on developing visual models.

Additionally, while the rest of the class was rehearsing for the play, Folu, Sophie and Mark made the treasure chest prop for our class' myth.

Folu uses the protractor to make sure the lid angle was the same on each side of the chest.

Mark use straightedges and Sharpie to clean up and highlight the sketch Folu made. 

Week 15

Sam's Homeroom
Despite the snow day on Monday and the Nutcracker performance on Thursday, this week had quite a lot going. Building on the story mountains (plot arcs) and character descriptions we wrote last week, everyone is now ion the process of writing a myth based on the constellation they designed a few weeks ago. We also continued the work on the biome card games moving from the initial and scientific research to discussions of game balance and power levels of the individual cards. Focusing on the science project and the constellation myths, in addition with the weekly logic puzzle and a Scholastic News, there ratio of assignments to work time was higher than usual and many of the students will have some things to bring home this weekend.

Addie and Folu discuss the ratios of "eats to is eaten by" in Into the Forest.

Sam's Math
We only met twice this week and so work was focused on the Singapore books, especially more complicated fractions story problems using the bar model strategy. On Friday, Susan's 1/2 math class came to show us a mathematical magic trick they'd learned.

Esh shows Will his trick. (Femi is showing his trick to someone off camera.)

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