Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly Update -- Week 13

Sam's Homeroom:
We're getting into the meat of of study of mythology and the stars. This week everyone selected a myth from around the world to read and think about. On Tuesday, the class visited with Mrs. Carpenter's class. The students paired off and the 5/6s read their selected myth to the 1/2s. 

Sophie reads to Mila
Folu reads Femi the myth of Thor's Wedding
Lucas and Andrew

Our constellation/mythology writing project got going this week as well. Each student made their own asterism. Starting with one of the brightest stars in the sky, the found other starts to complete an image, then brainstormed about characters, setting, and potential conflict. 

Additionally, a lot of our homeroom time was spent working on the Ecosystem Card Game project for science class. In small groups the students are researching the flora and fauna of specific biomes to make a card game based on the game "Into the Forest" that we've played a couple of time in science class.

On Friday, we presented the Kindergarten Ethnography project at the Morning Meeting. (My next blog post goes into a lot more detail about that project.)
Addie, Mark and Sophie work on their Australian Rainforest Card Game

Sam's 5/6 Math Group:
This week we dug deeply into multiplying fractions. The activity asked students to find an answer to a straightforward problem (the first one was "What is 2/3 of a group of 1/2") using a pictorial model (drawing) and also to create a story problem that could be represented that way. The students spent most of Tuesday developing their own strategies, including figuring out algorithms and using pictorial models. On Thursday, we learned a specific technique using rectangular arrays and went over some of the story problems the class had written.

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