Friday, November 18, 2016

Week 11 -- November 14 - 18

This week has been full of special events and preparation for public displays. In homeroom, the students have been polishing up their kindergarten ethnography presentations, which will be displayed on Grandfriend's Day and at an upcoming Morning Meeting (12/2). We also spent more time getting into our combined astronomy/mythology unit talking more about constellations. Each student also selected a myth from outside of the Greco-Roman tradition to read now, and later, read and discuss with Susan's class. On Thursday, we took a field trip to the UofM Natural History Museum for two planetarium shows. The first show included a number of Native American etiological myths about the origins of the stars and constellations; the second show had us looking at an asking may good questions about the current night sky. In the coming weeks, the students will be asked to directly observe the night sky; they should already be able to locate and identify a few of the brightest stars and constellations, depending on how bad the light pollution is. (The concept of light pollution led to a whole separate conversation.) -- Ask your student to tell you a story about the Pleiades and see if he/she can find it in the sky.

The weather on Friday led us to have Science class outside. We planted tulips and dropped milkweed seeds in the raised beds and then had a little extra time to jump in leaf piles!

Sam's Math Group
This week there was only math on three days and on Tuesday much of the class was taking the AMC 8 contest, so the remaining students learned and played the numerical card game "Poison." The rest of our time on Monday and Thursday was devoted to working on Khan Academy and Singapore. Right now, most of the class is working with fractions and mixed number, a few have started on the related idea of unit conversions.

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