Sunday, September 25, 2016

September Photos

Hello All,

Many of my posts will have a great deal to say about the hows and whys of our class. This is not that post. (Look for that post in the next week.)

This post is a photo summary of our year so far:

Sophie, Addie and Lilith work on the "Great Recess" Debate

Folu and Sophie decorate their shelf boxes.

Lisa shows the class a caterpillar in the "hanging J."

Juliana presents her groups ideas about "What is Culture."

Lilith measures a chrysalis.

Jarod, Lucas, Juliana and Addie make quantitative and qualitative observations at the CFP playground.

Juliana conquers the high ropes course.

Making initial observations of the kindergarten class.

Mark and Will prepare to tag and release a monarch.