Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 31 and 32 -- A Sticky Situation

Making batches of syrup. 

Unfortunately, our syrup making/marketing projecting has been tainted; tainted by mold. On Monday we went to show off the syrups we'd made last week and found that they were all contaminated!

This seeming failure has actually been a wonderful opportunity for teaching about food safety, and the importance of safety protocols. (We've been working on protocols for a while, but this time it's really hit home with the students.)

Lisa helped up debrief our process and brainstorm possible remediations.

Eli and I spent some homeroom time brainstorming variables and thinking about how we could test those.

This Friday we made 12 jars of syrup to evaluate some the variables we'd identified. Lisa helped us set up a recording and tracking matrix for our data. We don't have results yet, but the setup looks like this:

Consistency: (sugar/water ratio)
In the fridge
On a counter
In the sunlight

Because we we're so wrapped up (or perhaps stuck on...) the syrup project, we didn't get a chance to do formal checkout this week. Everyone should have filled out the checkout reflection and know what work/if any needed to be done this weekend, but I won't have a chance to sign off on it until Monday.

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