Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 9 -- Please Wait, I Have to Find a Pelvis for Someone

Peer Editing Documents for the Identity Projects

There was no Checkout this week, so don't worry if your child didn't bring home their Weekly Reflection, we didn't do one!

Well, why not? What have you been doing? 

The work on our Identity Book project has moved from the writing to editing stage. We've been doing reciprocal peer reviews and having conversations about the point of editing, specifically with an eye towards writing with a specific audience in mind. (We had a really funny discussion about the language you'd use for arranging a play date with a friend, versus asking your boss for a meeting. We pretty much agreed that "Yo d00d, wanna get 2gether for sum gamz," is alright for friends. But, "Can haz meetz," probably wasn't a good choice for an email to the boss."

In science class, we (mostly) finished assembling our skeleton's and digestive system paper models. These will eventually be put on display once we've finished adding in the other body systems.

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