Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 11 -- The Importance of Being Bad: Because It's the Only Way You Can Get Good

This week has been project heavy. In science the kids have been working on assembling their skeleton models. In homeroom, we spent the first half of the week working furiously to finish writing and editing material for the Identity books, so that we could begin final assembly of the books on Thursday. As frequently happens the first time through a project, things are taking a little longer than we expected and the books might not be done before Thanksgiving as I had hoped.

Monica came to show us how to start our books and sew in extra pages.
There was a lot of frustration around the book-making process. It turns out that punching holes and sewing stitches in a prescribed way is pretty difficult. We had a great class discussion Thursday afternoon and into Friday morning about dealing with frustration and not expecting everything to work perfectly the first time. Basically, to get good at something, you're going to have to be bad at it for a while. Learning from the initial failures is a key aspect of developing skills. 

These situations can be especially difficult for some children and corresponding growth message hard to hear.  Especially for children who are used to many activities coming very naturally or who are used to working on projects that allow more latitude in their execution. It is important, and necessary, for children, especially at this age, to develop resilience and perseverance when encountering unfamiliar and difficult tasks.

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