Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 8 -- Conferences and Halloween Parade

After waxing philosophical last week, I've been under the weather this week, so I'm keeping things short, sweet and practical:

Three Reminders:
Conferences and Time Change -- Don't forget to set your clock ahead Saturday night. Most of you are coming on Monday or Tuesday for a conference.

Identity Project -- This week we narrowed the focus of our Identity projects. As a group we, came to consensus that everyone wanted to build their own list of work to include in the project and so one of the assignments for the week was for each person to create a Table of Contents for their forthcoming book. The next couple of weeks will focus on editing and polishing the documents that were selected.

Checkout Reflection Document -- Most weeks your child should come home with a "Checkout Reflection" sheet, as well as some of the classwork from the week. The checkout reflection, in addition to asking the students to reflect about how the week has gone and providing frequent feedback to me, also is a record of what assignments still need to be completed and thus what your child should be working on for class over the weekend (if anything).
This week, with no school on Monday or Tuesday, we spent a little extra time making sure everyone had their Checkout Reflections done and that any work remaining made it into backpacks for the journey home.

And Now Fun Photos from the Week and Halloween:

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