Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 6

A few bureaucratic announcements before the meaty bits:

Conference Sign-Up:

I'll be sending a separate email with conference sign-up information. There will be a link to a google spreadsheet with dates and times for which parents can sign up. All the times are either immediately before school or on Monday November 2.

AMC 8 Reminder/Sign up:

The AMC 8 (American Mathematics Competition) test will be administered on November 17 to all students in Igor's math group and to any other middle school students who inform me of their interest (by email or in writing) by November 11.
For more information look to Igor's previous email or the website: AMC-8.

The Meaty Bits:

"Where I'm From" lessons:

We began to build poems for our Identity books based on this poem and the accompanying video inspired by the original poem.  So far, we've read the poem, identified examples of figurative language within the poem that stuck with each of us, thought about why that was, and begun a brainstorm about events and thoughts from our lives to include in our own versions of the poem. The first drafts of our own versions will be worked on next week, and the final versions will be included in the Identity Books at the end of the theme.  

Checkout System:

This week was also our first week with a formal checkout. Your child should have come home with, at a minimum, a "Things to Do List" and a "Checkout Reflection" document. These, in conjunction, are used to provide the students a system for tracking what needs to be completed for the week and what still remains at the end of the day Friday and thus needs to be completed over the weekend.

Most children do not check out on Friday every or even most weeks, so please don't be upset with your child if they brought some things home to work on this weekend. The goal here is for the students to take control of their own workflows and understand that the natural consequence of not completing assignments during the time allotted in school is that there is work left to be done on the weekend. So, if you want to encourage or nudge them over the weekend to have things done for Monday, go ahead.

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