Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 4: Figurative and Descriptive Language; How Long Are Your Guts; Library Trip

This week was quite busy for our class. In homeroom we continued to work on writing autobiographical content; we transcribed into the computer and edited our autobiographical anecdotes, and wrote another piece describing our favorite objects. We discussed figurative language, especially similes and metaphors, as tools for helping the reader to get more engaged in our writing.

We finished the week talking about the checkout system and wrote our first Weekly Reflections. (Parents, ask your student to see theirs, it's supposed to come home every Friday from now on.)

Science and Art class furthered the Identity theme as well:

In Science class we unrolled our models of the digestive system. 
In Art, we began working on self-portraits in the
style of a known artist. (In this case Tyree Guyton.)
On Thursday we took a spontaneous trip to the AADL to look at
autobiographies, with an eye toward improving our own writing.

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