Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 3: Learning Styles, Art, Science

Monday morning we (with Jason's class) led the all school assembly. The kids performed a number of short skits about their experiences at the Global Village. We followed up on this in homeroom with a writing assignment reflecting on the experience.

We also continued our look at Identity in a more analytic way. 

Becca helps her partner with the Learning Style Inventory

On Monday we looked at the Birmingham Learning Style Inventory in preparation for helping the students in Mrs. Carpenter's First and Second Grade class take the same test.

Tuesday morning we joined Mrs. Carpenter's class to administer the test. Our class was very surprised by the wider variety of learning styles shown by the younger children and we had a wonderful discussion about why some first graders might still need help reading the test at all, while others could do all of it without any help from their older partner.

This really broadened the 5-6 students perspectives on how and when they might be able to do any given task. (The specific example was reading--there is some connection between the ability to finely control the muscles of the eyes and reading fluency.)

We wrapped up the learning styles discussion with another written reflection about the experience of taking the test, administering the test to a younger student and thinking about whether or not we agreed with the results of the test.

Later in the the week we had a trip to the UMMA with Monica

We saw and drew copies of artwork by Julian Schnabel. This will be the start of some work into portraiture.
(I'd liked to have included some pictures but all the exhibits were "no photography allowed." Instead here is everyone in the big elevator.)

In Science class we've been learning about the human body. 

(If you look closely you can see the digestive system on Rushil's paper.)

And, a bonus picture from the mini-golf elective trip to Putterz to measure the course.

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