Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 2: Autobiography, Science! and the Global Village

This week our class continued to work on the Identity theme.
We had a conversation about the basics of reporting on true events, as opposed to telling a story.

Can you see the 5 W's on the board?
    Everyone worked on a writing an autobiographical narrative. We'll be doing more writing about ourselves as the identity theme continues.

In Science, Dr. J presented the kids with the challenge of replicating a "device" that she showed them given a small set of available materials.

Assignments and "grades".
This was the end of the first 5-day period (usually it will be M-F, but this time it was W-W). Each week we'll go over the assignments for that week. This week we also talked about what the different marks on returned papers mean. I'll be talking more about this on Thursday at Curriculum Night.

The week culminated with our trip to the Global Village at Howell Nature Center. Jason documented the experience of all the 5-6s on his Twitter feed and blog.

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